Tender preparation

Tender preparations in sydney

Tender Preparation – the easy way

Preparing a tender response can be quite daunting for most.

Your Business Minder takes all the pressure off you by writing and collating your tender response.

We read and understand the evaluation criteria ensuring you are not only compliant but stand out from your competitors.

Our team of experts will write an award-winning response on your behalf providing you with unprecedented growth for your business.


The process we follow is outlined below: –

  1. Pre-Tender – this is the information gathering stage. Your Business Minder will help you with your tender preparation

Are you ready to take on more work?

Do you have the resources?

Can you meet the requirements of the tender?

Do you have enough insurance?

Do you have the necessary accreditations?

Is your pricing competitive? Not sure, let’s do a competitor pricing matrix

Tip: Create a Tender Library for future responses to save time

  1. Tender is released to the public or invited companies

Read the tender thoroughly ensuring you understand the scope and the mandatory requirements.

Tip: Read through twice, first time just read and understand, and the second time highlight important areas that will need covering in your response.

  1. Planning

Allocate time to respond to each section ensuring you meet the closing time

If you need more information from your operations or technical team, make sure you ask early and provide them with a timeline

Tip: Conduct a planning meeting where you can also address your tender strategy and allocate sections to save time

  1. Writing

Responding to each section requires time.

Ensure you allocate enough time to answer the question properly.

Make sure that you answer the question and don’t use motherhood statements as they will not be accepted as adequate

Tip: Responses can take up to 40 hours to write so ensure you allocate enough time

  1. Pricing

Is your pricing market competitive?

Ensure you understand the pricing components as they may group activities together

To win a tender you need to be in the top three so pricing is very important and you need to allocate time to complete this section properly

Tip: Ask management to work on this whilst you are writing the response to save time

  1. Reviewing

The draft reviews are extremely important as they refine your response.

This is the time to ensure you have met the evaluation criteria and an opportunity to add in your innovations and any additional information that will get you across the line

Tip: When reviewing the final response ask another person who is not part of the tender response team to read through the response as you can miss important points. If this is not possible read it from the back to the front

  1. Printing & Collating

Some companies still require a hard copy submission so ensure you allow 24-48 hours to print, collate and bind the original and required copies.

Tip: Create tabs for each section so it is easy for the tender panel to find sections

Your business minder will help you with y


Preparing tenders can be easy just ask!

  1. Submission


Ensure the files sizes are less than the prescribed file size

Also ensure the file naming rights are as prescribed exactly as requested

Make sure you upload 4 hours in advance of the cut off time to allow for heavy traffic on the system

Hard Copy

Prepare in advance the large envelopes for your response with a typed and printed address label

Ensure the original is clearly marked as this will be referred to if there are any discrepancies in the copies

Clearly mark the copies as Copy 1, Copy 2, Copy 3

Tip: All attachments are to be in one section labelled and named and referenced in the main body of the response. This makes it easier for the tender team to locate and check them off

  1. Follow up

Keep an eye on the schedule for evaluation. If the tender evaluation team go over a milestone date you can email or call the contact person to enquire where they are at.

Tip: Email first then follow up with a phone call. This allows you 2 points of contact and puts your name in front of them. It also demonstrates that you are keen for their business.

  1. Short-listed

You are now 1 of 3 and will be invited to present to the tender evaluation team.

Ask them is there anything they would like you to specifically address in your presentation.

Do not do your normal presentation as they already know who you are and have read your response.

    • Introduce your company and the presenters (keep it short)
    • The presenters should be people who will be managing the account (Contract Manager, Operations, Transport etc)
    • Make sure it is balanced (male/female)
    • Cover your methodology including services and systems ensuring you cover their questions

Tip: Keep your presentation short and to the point (no more than 20 mins) and allow for questions

  1. Award of Tender

The award of tender is usually sent via email. Ensure you contact the company and thank them immediately

Arrange a meeting as soon as possible with all key stakeholders to sign the contract and the next steps in starting business activities

Tip: Be prepared for the meeting as this will demonstrate professionalism

  1. Post Tender

If you were not successful in wining the tender arrange a debrief as soon as possible as you will learn how to improve your response for future submissions.

If you were successful, convene a meeting with your tender response team to ensure everyone knows what part they will play in the successful management of the contract.

Tip: Take time out to celebrate your win and let your team know what part they played.


Your Business Minder not only ensures the process is followed but will teach your team members the tips, tricks and skills needed to win.

For more information please contact us at info@yourbusinessminder.com.au