About Us

About Us

Your Business Minder

The business that looks after your Business when you need a Break!

Your Business Minder provides trusted “business minders” inside businesses so the owner or department manager can take time out.

Our services include:

  1. Business Minding – allows the owner time out to holiday, recover from a medical procedure or health issue or complete their studies. Includes staff management, business audit and campaigns to improve the business. This includes call forwarding, business planning, tender preparations and emergency business caretaking is available in the case of sudden death allowing the bereaved to focus on the funeral arrangements and their family until probate is finalised.

Our team of professional minders provide the following:

    • Business audit – we follow a financial checklist which allows us to determine where the business is at that point in time (Payroll, Staff & Employment Agreements, Superannuation Contributions, Invoices, Debtors, Sales & Marketing, and Operations). The owner is provided with a report and an opportunity to engage us to make necessary improvements
    • Manage Staff
    • Improve documentation – Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions, Proposals, Tenders
    • Business Plans are created, sales and marketing campaigns actioned
    • Sales Management – set KPI’s, Sales Budget and monitor staff and chair meetings
    • Operations Review
    • Technology Review
    • Call forwarding – forward you mobile and business lines to Your Business Minder whilst you are overseas or just need a break
    • Tender Preparations – if you want to know how to write a successful tender response Your Business Minder will work with you and your staff writing and collating responses that meet or exceed the tender’s requirements
  1. Management Recruiting – search for a new Managing Director to help you transition towards retirement. We will search for a suitable business manager, create the Job Description, Letter of Employment contract and liaise with all parties.

Our minders work with the owner on the engagement of a new Managing Director through the creation of:

    • Job Descriptions
    • Employment Contracts are prepared by a solicitor
    • Engage recruitment company, set fees
    • Interview Candidates, shortlist and engage
    • Induction Pack prepared
    • Induction, training and handover
  1. Sale of Business – prepare the business for sale. Sometimes unforeseen matters arise such as a terminal illness, sudden death or a family breakdown. Your Business Minder works within the business to improve and position the business for sale, engage a business broker, advertise and liaise with all parties.

The business minding service allows us to look at the business holistically so we can make improvements to the business ensuring it is well positioned for new management or to be sold.

Business Minders are pivotal in helping the owner gain maximum sale price with the sale of the business by:

    • Engaging a business broker to broker the sale on behalf of the owner
    • Review of all Job Descriptions, employment agreements, salaries, superannuation contributions
    • Balance Sheet, P & L, Financial Statements to be prepared and checked by Accountant
    • Transition, training and handover to new owners