Become a
Business Minder

Become a
Business Minder

Make a difference to small businesses

Striving for work-life balance can be an ever-elusive goal for some SMEs, whose desire to create a successful business consumes their entire being, more often than not at the expense of their personal life.

The business owners we help out are all very different, but all have business and personal goals they wish to achieve. It’s our job, and our pleasure, to help them create a destination for them to work towards and ultimately realise.

Becoming a Business Minder Consultant

By becoming a Business Minder, you can help pave a path to our clients’ professional utopia. Each of their destinations are different and their individual journeys will vary, but as their Business Minder, your role will be simple. To help each and every one of them uncover these paths and clear the way for an unencumbered and successful future.

Our Business Minders offer a friendly, reliable and professional service with an emphasis on the unique needs of our clients. These needs come in many forms and for myriad industries. Their requirements range from full bookkeeping services and help lodging their BAS’s, to timely advice or strategic planning for future-proofing their business.

As a Your Business Minder consultant, you will do much than just mind a business. You will be instrumental in helping the business owner achieve their goals. Business planning is provided one on one and each business plan is typed up and presented back to the owner. We’ve recently completed business plans for a graphic designer, an electrician and a business trainer. No matter what the product or the provision, it’s all part of our service at Your Business Minder.

Our Business Minders are former executive level professionals who have had recent experience working as Business Consultants for hire. If you think you have what it takes to become a Business Minder, get in touch with us today.

Are you looking for a challenge?

Once you’re in our database, you’ll be matched with a business owner seeking the services of someone who can step into their SME, take the reins and hit the ground running. The work is provisional, and the time frames will vary depending the scope of work set out by the client.

We have plenty of those on the books, so just advise us of your own scope of capabilities and we’ll set you up with an SME to suit your skill set and capacity to engage.

As professionals with more than 15 years at the top of their game, our Business Minders thrive on offering innovative solutions to invest in the future of our clients’ livelihoods. We have the ability to place our Business Minders in businesses located all across Sydney; from Sydney Metro, Northern Beaches and Sydney North West to South-West Sydney. You just need to let us know which area you’d prefer to work within, and we’ll add it to your profile.

Our Minders work across a broad range of Business Sectors

Our consultants are equipped with the necessary industry experience and insights to be able to help SMEs across a range of business sectors. If you feel that your experience can help a business improve in any specific areas, why not become a Business Minder today and let someone else benefit from your skills and knowledge.

We build relationships with our clients through our consultants and by achieving complete client satisfaction. There is no one-size-fits-all process that works for all businesses. As a Business Minder, we encourage you take as much time as possible to understand the business you’re minding and what their challenges and goals are.

Why become a Business Minder? Our consultants revel in the satisfaction they receive when they see the positive impact their services have had on a business. If you’re a professional looking for interim work, if you have at least five years’ experience working as a Business Consultant and were previously either a CEO, MD, CFO, GM, National Sales or Marketing Manager then we want to hear from you.

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